Security Officer (Spring 2015 Race Meet)

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Keeneland’s Spring Race Meet runs April 3-24, with no racing on Mondays or Tuesdays and off on Easter Sunday (April 5). Associates work approximately 18 days during April and October live racing and other special events as needed.Work hours are Wednesdays through Sundays. Other opportunities may allow for extra hours throughout the meet.  Candidates with the ability to work more days and hours are preferred.

Mandatory criminal records check required at time of hire; random drug screening may be performed during employment.  Keeneland is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please submit applications online or contact Ed Blaser at 859-288-4205. Submit your resume online



  • Patrols buildings and grounds of  Keeneland to ensure safety of patrons and security of property.
  • Regulates vehicle and pedestrian traffic to maintain orderly flow.
  • Records data regarding traffic accidents, thefts, vandalism, assaults, and other incidents or suspicious activities, daily log sheets, car lock outs, and security vehicle logs.
  • Controls the entry/exit to Keeneland lodge.
  • Calls 911/ police/ fire department during emergency situations and provides assistance if needed.
  • Assists with first aid.
  • Assists Keeneland visitors with information and directions.
  • Assists handicapped visitors.
  • Helps Keeneland patrons with injuries, illness, or other emergencies.
  • Works in grandstands during race meets and ITW.
  • Assists the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission with the expulsion of undesirables from the grounds.
  • Assists the stewards during race meets.
  • Helps with the locations of lost visitors during the live race meet.
  • Examines all buildings to make sure they are secure.
  • Works in Operations as dispatcher, answer phones, take messages, and assign rooms.
  • Provides security in barns/stables for fire safety.


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