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Since 1936, the Keeneland Foundation has contributed more than $18 million to benefit the Central Kentucky community and the Thoroughbred industry. Funding is focused primarily on the areas of health and human services; education; arts, culture and community; and Thoroughbred industry-related causes. The Keeneland Foundation also provides valuable oversight for various fundraising efforts undertaken by the Thoroughbred industry.

Funding Priorities

The Keeneland Foundation restricts its contributions to projects and organizations located primarily in Central Kentucky. Contributions have historically targeted capital expansion and equipment purchases, as well as endowment programs for scholarship funds.

Our policy is to make a direct cash contribution in lieu of placing courtesy advertising or awarding tickets or dining space.

Funding will not be granted for requests:
  • from individuals
  • from political entities
  • for annual operating support
  • from primary and secondary schools
  • from fraternal or veterans organizations, unless the gift is in support of a recognized community project
  • to support operating funds of hospitals or other patient care institutions
  • from religious organizations for the exclusive benefit of one religious entity
  • to support youth sports leagues
  • to purchase tickets or sponsorships for charitable tournaments, luncheons, dinners, etc.


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