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Due to a fall sustained by jockey Calvin Borel, and in order to insure his safety, the 6th race at Keeneland on Wednesday, October 23 was declared a No Contest.  This race was the second leg of the Pick Five and the beginning leg of the late Pick Four.  For purposes of calculating winners of these wagers, the Pick Five was paid as a single net pool, with those ticket holders having 4 winners sharing equally in the pool.  By rule, there was no consolation for those with 3 winners.  Similarly, the Pick Four was paid to all ticket holders having 3 winners.  In essence, the 6th race became an ALL-WIN for these wagers.

It was also treated as an ALL-WIN for Pick Threes beginning in race 4 and race 5.  The Daily Double for races 5 and 6 was paid to all winning tickets that had the winner of the 5th race.  All intra-race wagers (WPS, Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta) were refunded.  The Pick Three and Daily Double beginning in Race 6 were also refunded.  In accordance with the rules regarding specific wagers, following are the results of the wagers that were affected by the declaration:


  • Pick Three (Races 4,5,6)                    9-11-ALL paid $184.00 for $1.00
  • Pick Three (Races 5,6,7)                    11-ALL-12 paid $37.10 for $1.00
  • Pick Three (Races 6,7,8)                    REFUND
  • Daily Double (Races 5,6)                    11-ALL paid $5.10 for $1.00
  • Daily Double (Races 6,7)                    REFUND
  • Pick Four (Races 6,7,8,9)                   ALL-12-8-6 paid $407.05 for $.50
  • Pick Five (Races 5,6,7,8,9)                11-ALL-12-8-6 paid $2,646.70 for $.50


Please direct all inquiries regarding payoffs and the application of the rules to the Information Windows on the 1st and 2nd floors of the grandstand, or to the Mutuels Department at extension 4225.



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