Bucky Sallee Tribute after Years of Service

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On October 13th, Keeneland paid tribute to George “Bucky” Sallee, its longtime horn blower. A commemorative video was played on the infield board celebrating Bucky’s tenure. Keeneland’s unique call to post “Boots and Saddles” was performed by members of the UK Orchestra for Bucky. In addition, a symbolic gold record was presented to Sallee in the winner’s circle by Keeneland’s President and CEO, Bill Thomason.

Bucky, a Scott County native has been playing virtually every race day for almost 50 years at Keeneland. Bucky has been playing since the 1960s while he wore a version of jockey silks that sported the colors of James O. Keene. He blew a trumpet then too, not the post horn that he uses today. After a few years he adopted his elegant hunters attire for the race days that he still sports today.

Keeneland has claimed Bucky Sallee among one of the most recognizable icons. He has generously made thousands of appearances playing his signature “Call to Post” across the Commonwealth. Sallee also has donated his time and talents to a number of area organizations.

Among fans, he is as popular as burgoo and as recognizable as the Keeneland logo. Today Bucky has sounded the horn over 12, 934 times. 



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