Leading Owners

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Current leading owner through Thursday, October 25

With 10  wins:

Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey


With 3 wins:

Klaravich Stables, Inc. (Seth Klaman) & William Lawrence


With 2 wins:

Adele B. Dilschneider

                1 – Adele B. Dilschneider

                1 – Adele B. Dilschneider & Claiborne Farm (Seth W. Hancock)

Augustin Stable (George Strawbridge, Jr.)

E. Paul Robsham Stable, LLC (Mrs. E. Paul Robsham)

G. Watts Humphrey, Jr. & St. George Farm (Ian Banwell)

Ice Wine Stable (Dave Reid)

John A. Chandler

John C. Oxley

Lothenbach Stables, Inc. (Robert J. Lothenbach)

Namcook Stables, LLC (Terrance Murray)

Richard, Elaine & Bertram Klein

Ripplewood Farm (Chris Duff)

Wesley A. Ward



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