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    Term Definition

    A horse that is gently pulled up by its jockey during a race.

    Eclipse Award

    The year-end awards in Thoroughbred racing that honor the top horses in 11 categories; plus the leading owner, trainer, jockey, apprentice jockey, and breeder; plus members of the media who have demonstrated excellence in their coverage of the sport.

    Eighth pole

    The pole one-eighth of a mile before the finish line.


    Two or more horses in a race, owned by the same stable, or trained by the same trainer are termed an "entry" and coupled as a single betting unit, a bet on one being a bet on both.


    A wager in which the bettor must pick the first two finishers in a race in exact order of finish. In Canada, it is called an "exactor."

    Exercise rider

    A rider who is licensed to exercise a horse during morning training sessions.



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