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    Term Definition
    Far turn

    The turn off the backstretch.


    A blacksmith specializing in the shoeing, or plating, of horses. In early


    A racetrack at its best condition is said to be fast.


    This word has two meanings in racing. The entire group of starters in a race is known collectively as the "field." However, a "field horse" is one of a group designated by the track handicapper in a case where there are more starters than there are betting units provided by the pari-mutuel equipment. Rightly called the "pari-mutuel field," this group runs as a single betting unit. For example in the 1951 Kentucky Derby, there were only 12 betting units but 20 horses started. Seven started as individual betting units; four stables had entries of two horses each; the remaining five ran as the "field" and one of these, Count Turf, was the winner.

    Fractional time

    The running time at various points between the start and finish of a race.

    Full brother/sister

    Horses that have the same sire and dam.


    One-eighth of a mile, 220 yards, 660 feet. Eight furlongs equal one mile. Originally a "furrow long" or the length of a plowed field.


    A race for 2-year-olds for which they are entered while still foals.



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