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Buyers Comment on Tuesday Activity

September 13, 2017

LEXINGTON, KY (Sept. 13, 2017) – Ed Anthony, Shortleaf Stable: “It's a strong market, it’s as strong as I can remember for quite a while. We got outbid on some horses, that always happens though. Any time you’re looking for the top of the market you’re always going to be on the same radar screen as a lot of the big buyers, so that’s to be expected. 

“There’s obviously a lot of money flying around right now. The market’s very strong, everybody's making money – good for the industry I would think."

Bloodstock agent Charlie Boden: “The market’s healthy and spirited to say the least, with a deep buying bench. I bought the first horse in the ring. I think I bought him really well. Time will tell.

“We did (get outbid on some), and outbid by a lot. I don’t expect it to be anything but tougher today, and extremely tough on Thursday. Generally, scarcity of the better pedigrees starts to become a factor, and the buyers tend to get frantic when they know that Book 2 is going to end.”

Trainer Mark Casse: “The market is extremely strong. We really pick our spots when we bid so I don't feel that we were outbid very often. But there are a lot of horses bringing a lot of money.”

Elliott Walden, president, CEO and racing manager, WinStar Farm: “We sold real well, and I bought a couple, so I thought it was solid trade.”

Trainer Wesley Ward: “I bought one. I think I got a really nice filly. Great value based on the pedigree. I always try to target (Week 1) because essentially that’s where the best pedigrees are. I was very happy with the buy I had, and I think it was very fair. I look forward to the next few days, because historically as the prices come down there will be some great opportunities. 

“I did (get outbid on some horses yesterday); my pockets just weren't deep enough. I think I’ll be able to fill some orders here in the coming days. They certainly had some quality, the best pedigrees in the world came through the first couple days of the sale, along with athletes.”

Aron Wellman, president and founder, Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners: “It’s been pretty electric the first two days of the sale. You know you’re going into battle every time there’s a horse you want to make a run at. There are so many sharp people on the grounds with plenty of money behind them, so nothing goes unnoticed. You think maybe you’re going to sneak away with one, and it brings double or triple what you had in mind to pay for it. You have to stay at it and stay disciplined, put the work in it.

“Everybody’s out here pounding the pavement and doing the work, so you gotta stick with them or do that much better. It’s an incredible market we’re experiencing right now; the quality continues to rise. If the horses ‘tick all the boxes,’ you gotta expect that they’re going to ring the bell and you better be prepared.”

Jack Wolf, Starlight Racing: “We bought one and bid on five (other) horses on Tuesday and were not close on any of them. The market seems very strong. There are a lot of nice horses left this week. I would not be surprised if we are still buying in Book 3.”