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September 14, 2017


Randy Bradshaw: “The market is strong and it looks like it will continue to be strong. There is a lot of money here and there are a lot of really good horses here. I think having all those elite horses on the first day might have gotten them more money than having them scattered throughout the book. Having more horses on these early days (compared with previous years) makes for a long day. But we are here to buy horses so if we have to work a 12-hour day, so be it.”

Kip Elser, Kirkwood Stables: “I think the top of the market as always is very, very strong as you can see by some of the bigger buyers teaming up. And I think the middle market is still very, very solid. You can buy horses, but you better be prepared to pay a bit over your original appraisals if you want to get the ones you really like. 

“(I was outbid) no more, no less than usual. You make your appraisals, you draw your lines and you get a few of them. We’ll be here all the way (through the end of the sale).”

Coolmore’s M.V. Magnier: “(The market’s) very strong. If you have the right horse, people want it, and I suppose that's the way it should be.”

Trainer Kenny McPeek: “I really liked the horses that I saw yesterday. I’m really just getting going. Typically, the middle and end of the sales is where I (buy the most horses). I’m not typically a first-session, second-session buyer, but we did get a beautiful horse yesterday and a couple of really nice fillies we partnered with Three Chimneys on.”

Kerri Radcliffe, who purchased the $1 million Orb colt with Eric Fein: “Instead of beating each other up and smashing each other up (bidding against each other on the same yearlings), we might as well be in a partnership together.”

Trainer Rick Violette: “I followed some I couldn’t afford but you just have to wait it out. Clients have certain standards that they stick to and sometimes they are too expensive for our pocketbook. I thought we did very well on Wednesday.”