How to Read a Catalog

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All catalog pages have certain structural similarities. Horses appear in the catalog and through the sales ring in hip number order, beginning with Hip No. 1. Each horse actually wears this number on one of its hips. To orient yourself to the page layout, glance from top to bottom. The majority of the information on each catalog page in the sale of yearlings, 2-year-olds and horses still in training pertains to the dam's (or mother's) side of the family: 1st dam, 2nd dam, 3rd dam, etc. The first dam is the (mother) of the horse being sold. The second dam is the grandam (grandmother), and the third dam is the next generation. This is called the female family.

Other information includes:

Barn Assignment and Hip Assignment

Color/Sex and Foaling Date

Three-Cross Pedigree

Sire Blurb: Information about the sire of the horse being sold, including a synopsis of the sire's race record, including honors he may have earned and highlights of his career as a stallion.

Female Family: Information about successful members of the horse's female family.



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