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Tailgating at Keeneland
Tailgating at Keeneland is a wonderful tradition and one of the many things that make coming to Keeneland with your friends a great way to spend an afternoon.

The designated tailgating is located adjacent to the Keene Barn and Entertainment Center and is accessible via Gate 1 at no charge. Complimentary shuttle service is available to the grandstand area.

To help make a little more enjoyable for everyone, please observe the following rules:

  • Off-duty uniformed officers patrol the Keeneland parking lots each day.
  • Open bars and kegs are not permitted.
  • Laws pertaining to disorderly conduct and underage drinking will be strictly enforced.

Tailgating Tents

  • Only certain areas are designated appropriate for tents
  • See Google Map for Designated Tent Area.
  • Tents must be no larger than 20’ x 40’, unless approved by Keeneland Security (859-288-4296).
  • Unless otherwise approved by Keeneland, tents must be secured by weighted barrels in our designated tailgate area. Call Keeneland Security (859-288-4296) before setting up.
  • Excessive commercial signage is not permitted. Tents may hang signs or banners approximately 2’ x 3’ to direct guests to tent entrance.
  • Beers kegs are not permitted and will be confiscated.
  • No DJs or amplified sound is allowed
  • Tents can go up the morning of the event or the evening prior, after the races are over for that day. Tents must be taken down at the end of the race day.



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