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Keeneland Corporate Experiences

Keeneland is known for grand hospitality, crisp attention to detail, picturesque land and most importantly, world-class Thoroughbred racing and sales. Tie these high-end attributes together and wrap it up with a pretty bow. That is Keeneland Hospitality.  

Managing Director Chef Marc Therrien shares his passion and expertise to create custom food items, menus and experiences for guests that are uniquely them. Traditional celebrations, galas and conferences with an unforgettable customized twist are what our hospitality professionals will create. Download the Keeneland Experience Guide below for an introduction to the tailored activities that are possible. 

Experience Options Include...

Bet-To-Win Challenge

Bring the excitement of a race day to your event with this one-of-a-kind historical racing game. The activity kicks off with our famous Keeneland BETologists mingling with guests - teaching them how to read their racing program, select their favorite horse, and place bets with our Mutuel Tellers using Keeneland Cash. The Call to Post will then draw everyone's attention to the screens, where guests will cheer their horse across the finish line! A wonderful activity to tie into a break or cocktail hour, Bet to Win is sure to engage your guests and stir up a little bit of friendly rivalry along the way. 

culinary immersion

Master Class Culinary Experiences  

Keeneland offers a number of specialty master class culinary experiences that are equal parts educational, engaging and delicious. From unique dining settings to sense-awakening meals narrated by our very own Chef Marc Therrien, Keeneland Hospitality can customize one-of-a-kind culinary experiences for your guests.  

Scavenger Hunt

Keeneland is filled with stories of the people, horses and incredible events that have happened here. Scavenger Hunts around the grounds are customized for each group to hit the hot spots that relate to corporate missions, history and interests. This activity works very well with cocktail hours and breaks, and the number of clues are adjusted to fit time allotments. Nothing better than learning about the historic grounds with a cocktail in hand! 

scavenger hunt