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Keeneland Hosts the Alltech International Night

June 4, 2019

In May 2019, Keeneland Hospitality had the privilege of hosting the kick-off dinner for the Alltech ONE Conference which, in theme with the conference, celebrated the variety of cultures that bring creative, fresh, new ideas to the table. Around 2,300 guests from 80 countries across the globe came to Keeneland for a wonderful evening filled with 12 musical and performing acts hosted in Keeneland's Sales Pavilion, Show Barn, and adjacent areas. (ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference)

Alltech Event


Each venue showcased a different immersive cultural experience – Kentucky, Ireland, North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Each featured culinary dishes indicative of the region as well as music and decor to complement the overall ambiance. 

Mariachi Band


Compared by guests to the likness of Disney's Epcot, this dinner experience offered an opportunity for attendees of the Alltech ONE conference to mingle and share a night of entertainment to kick off the week.

Irish Dancers


Performing acts consisted of a Barbershop Quartet, Mariachi Band, Jugglers, Stilt Walkers, Bluegrass Band, Magician, Irish Dancer, Irish Band, Flamenco Dancer, UK Singers, Chinese Dancers, and a Jazz Band.

Flamenco Dancer

Chinese Dancers


International culinary favorites curated by Keeneland's Executive Chef Marc Therrien and his team included Moonshine Popsicles, Boneless Ribs, Fish & Chips, Hot Browns, and Pork Tacos.

Europe Food

Soup, Alltech napkins


Photos courtesy of The Malicotes