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Out of the Office, Out of the Ordinary

May 8, 2018

While the word "meeting" may give the feeling of monotony, the corporate outing or event of today can be anything but. Long gone is the sentiment that a meeting must fit a traditional timeline and order of events. According the Microsoft, the average attention span of a human is just eight seconds. With this comes the need to keep your attendees engaged at every turn.

Whether you're gathering for community and teambuilding, collaboration, celebration, change or content, the best way to achieve success is by bringing people together to bond over shared experiences. More so than ever before, people seek a connection and something unique that will not only be memorable but shareable with friends.

While content is typically a component of most events, it is important not to forget the other components that will lead to a well-balanced and memorable occasion. A great place to start is to move your event outside of the office, and take your event from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are a few ideas on how to do so when hosting at Keeneland!

Engaging Event Ideas

Culinary Creativity

Swap out the standard buffet luncheon for something that will feed your team and bring them closer together!

Salsa Challenge

Salsa Competition

  • Break into teams and compete for who can quickly create the best salsa from a marketplace of items.
  • Build comradery and allow people to learn more about each other by working on a situation outside of their comfort zone.
  • The created salsa also serves as a fun hors d’oeuvre for cocktail hour or before moving on to a lunch course.

Iron Chef Competition

  • Steps up the aforementioned salsa competition by asking participants to create a more substantial dish.
  • Turns up the heat of the competition and get team members even more involved.

Wine and Cheese Pairings

  • Short on time? Have a post meeting wind-down over a glass of wine and cheese pairings narrated by Keeneland's Executive Chef Marc Therrien.
  • This breakout creates a perfect setting to share ideas, download on take-aways from the day, and bond with the team.

Bourbon Tastings

Bourbon Tasting

  • If out-of-town guests are in the mix, why not add a bourbon tasting into your schedule? With this opportunity at your venue, you can showcase the best of bourbon country while also being mindful of your guests' time.
  • Want a bourbon master from Maker’s Mark to join your event, or an expert taster in the field to talk through the intricacies of each selection? We can make it happen!

Get Going!

Let’s be honest – we take in more when we're engaged. No one learns well after having been sitting in a room for hours. To break up the day, get everyone up and moving to shake things up a bit.

Keeneland tour


  • Give your guests a sense of place about the place they're sitting, and enjoy an official tour.
  • With flexibilty on content, options and timing, Keeneland customizes tours to match the audience and field/frame of vision for a company.

Scavenger Hunt

  • Everyone likes to relive their childhood – bring attendees back in time and send them on a scavenger hunt.
  • Not only will this bring the teams closer together through shared experiences, but is sure to create memories and stories to be told.
  • Scavenger hunts can be customized to fit a company's goals or content points. This is an activity that can be fun as well as educational – which leads to higher retention in attendees.

A Change of Scenery

Keeneland Paddock event

Progressive Events

  • Have you ever wished that you could throw a progressive event? Greeting your attendees in one location, to have a meeting in a second space, dinner in a third, and cocktails in a fourth? Let our team of professionals assist!
  • With 11+ different venues to offer over our 1,000+ acres of park-like land, we can keep guests guessing at every turn.  

Outdoor Breakout Sessions

  • Take in sunshine and beautiful grounds with an outdoor session that sparks creativity and gets the creative juices flowing.

Take your upcoming corporate event to the next level. Let the Keeneland Hospitality team dream up the perfect event that will leave your guests wanting more.