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The Show Parlay: The Perfect Group Bet

April 10, 2018

The Show Parlay is the perfect group bet for a day at Keeneland It's a fun and easy way to turn a $2 show bet into big winnings! Here's how it works...

Step 1

Everyone chips in a few bucks each.

Step 2

Take the money in your pot and bet it on your top pick to show.

Step 3

If your horse comes in first, second or third, you win! Collect the show payout.

Step 4

Bet all of the winnings (parlay) on a horse to show in the next race.

Step 5

Keep rolling with each race you win, and watch the pot grow!

Need a few tips?

Swing by Wagering Central, located first floor trackside under the grandstand, to chat with a BETologist on how to bet or for tips for today!