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Tips to Ensure Your Holiday Event is Merry and Bright 

July 20, 2018

While the holidays may seem like an eternity away, it’s never too early to begin booking and planning your company event for December. The Keeneland Hospitality team shares a few tips to ensure your 2018 holiday event is a success.

Be mindful of your audience.

The first question you should always ask when planning an event: Who is this event for?

  • If your answer is employees: Keep things more casual and include activities to inspire socialization without feeling forced. Ideas include mock-casino games, live music, cooking competitions and scavenger hunts. 
  • If you’re planning for clients: Your goal is to show appreciation, so make your event a bit more formal. Ensure your team members have the opportunity to mix and mingle with clients. For a seated dinner, consider assigned seating where each table of clients has one employee representative. 


Keep it light and short. During the holidays, people want to celebrate rather than attend a conference.

Make it easy.

Holidays can be a stressful time of the year. If your own employees are planning your event, choose a venue with professional planners that take care of all the details for you. Show support and appreciation for your staff by taking some weight off their shoulders. 

Décor can be expensive. 

See what inventory your venue has to brighten up the space. If the event is for employees, consider using potted plants or other lasting items that could be raffled off at the end of the night. 

Safety first.

While it might seem like a given, ensure your venue will provide plowed parking, roads and sidewalks. You want your guests to feel safe coming to your event. 

Details matter. 

Is there holiday music in the background? Can guests get a drink easily? Do you have appetizers for guests to snack on while your main course is being prepared?  

Comfort is key.

While some holiday parties you host may be formal, others casual, one thing they should always be is comfortable. 

Don’t forget dessert!

Tired of the traditional dessert options? Spice things up with a specialty hot chocolate bar. Include marshmallows, caramel, peppermint rimmed glasses or add a little flair with Caramel Bailey’s or Chambord. 

Have fun!

Festive linens and colorful chargers are a great way to add holiday cheer to any space. 

Serve the holiday favorites. 

Especially during the holidays, food is a reminder to people of their own traditions and family. A holiday favorite with a twist is always a huge hit. 

Tis the season. 

Serve seasonal fruits and vegetables that not only taste better, but are more cost effective.

Healthy holidays. 

Be mindful of guests seeking healthier options. Holidays are full of rich foods so lighter options are always welcome as well.


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