Current Track Conditions

2021 Fall Meet

Saturday, October 16

Dirt Track: Fast  Turf: Yielding
Main Track Maintenance: Harrowed, conditioner and roller


Yesterday after training

Harrowed and Rolled

Total water applied yesterday – 0 gallons

Current Average Moisture - 25.6%


Today after Training

Harrowed and Floated


After each Race

Harrow or float - dependent on weather and track condition

Water as necessary


Turf Course Info

Rail up: 0' Haggin Course
Grass Height: 4.25" 
Mowed Thursday after training at 3.75"
Current Average Moisture 49.5%
Going Stick Average Penetration - 5.15
Average Shear - 6.86
Index - 5.5

Turf will be Rolled after the 9th race



Precipitation Yesterday: 0.98"
As of 11:20 AM today: 0.46"