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Saturday, October 24 2020

Dirt Track: Good Turf: Off
Dirt Track Maintenance: Harrow and float


Yesterday after racing

Harrowed and rolled

Total water applied yesterday – 36,000 gallons

Current Average Moisture - 24.9%


Today after Training

Harrow and float


After each Race

Harrow or float - dependent on weather and track condition

Water as necessary


Turf Course Info

Rail up:20' Keeneland Course
Grass Height: 4.00" 
Mowed yesterday after training at 4.00"
Current Average Moisture - 47.3%
Going Stick Average Penetration - 6.7
Average Shear - 5.5
Index - 6.3



Rainfall Yesterday: 0.37"
As of 11:30 AM today: 0.00"


Going Map


Gate Placements


Keeneland will publish daily information about the placement of the starting gate and run-up distances on for the remainder of the Fall Meet as a reference for handicappers and horsemen. As at any racetrack, in an effort to preserve the track for the duration of the race meeting while assuring the safest racing surface possible, Keeneland has multiple gate placement options for the Turf Course that create varying run-up distances.  Run up distances for races conducted on the main track will remain consistent.


Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020
Race Surface Run-Up Distance
Race 1 Dirt 55 ft.
Race 2 Dirt 50 ft.
Race 3 Dirt 55 ft.
Race 4 Dirt 50 ft.
Race 5 Dirt 55 ft.
Race 6 Dirt 55 ft.
Race 7 Dirt 55 ft.
Race 8 Dirt 50 ft.
Race 9 Turf 186 ft.
Race 10 Dirt 55 ft.