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In addition to the standard win, place and show wagering on all races, Keeneland offers the following “exotic” or combination bets:

  • $1 Exactas (all races)
  • 50¢ Trifecta (races with at least five betting interests)
  • 10¢ Superfecta (races with at least six betting interests)
  • 50¢ Pick Three (the day’s first Pick Three begins on the first race and continues thru the day; the final Pick Three encompasses the final three races)
  • $1 Rolling Doubles continuing throughout the card
  • 50¢ Pick Four (the first one begins on the day’s second race; the second and final one covers the day’s final four races)
  • $1 Super High Five (at least seven betting interests). The bet will be held on the day's last race
  • 50¢ Pick Five on the last races of the day
  • $1 Pick Six on the last six races of the day

All other wagers, unless noted, have a $2 minimum Keeneland’s takeout is as follows: Win, place and show—16 percent All other exotics—19 percent



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