Before You Make Your Purchase

  • If you plan to buy a horse at Keeneland, you should complete a Buyer Registration Form. If another party will be making bids on your behalf, you must complete an Authorized Agent Form as well
  • All forms should be returned to Keeneland at least a week before you arrive for the sale. You may complete and e-mail the forms on-line; you may download a copy from this site; or you may complete and forward copies of the forms found in your sale catalog.


  • It is essential for all buyers — especially first-time buyers — to apply for credit prior to each Keeneland sale. A Buyer Registration Form (“Credit Application”) is the first step. This form asks for necessary information such as your permanent address, banking relationship and other pertinent financial data. You can verify your authorized credit amount by contacting the Keeneland credit office.
  • Please note that even if you plan to pay for your purchases with a personal check, you should still complete the Buyer Registration Form. This allows Keeneland to pre-enter your information into our sales system, facilitating the closing process and preventing any delays at the sale