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A Horse is Measured in Hands

Sixteen on average: four inches each, from the ground to the withers.

Behind the scenes, however, there are entirely different hands at work. Hands that have held our sport to a higher standard since 1936. In all that we do, we remain grounded by unwavering commitment to the horse and our responsibility to the future of our industry.

For the love of the horse, for generations to come.

Our Mission

Since 1936, the words of our founding prospectus have guided us. Today, that mission stands stronger than ever. Everything we do is for the good of the horse, and the good of the sport—to perpetuate the best of Thoroughbred racing and sales.

our values

Devotion To The Horse

To us, the wellbeing of the horse is sacred. The beauty, power and grace of a Thoroughbred is what brings us all together. That intimate connection to the horse and the sport of racing is something we believe everyone should experience.

Jockey kissing his son.
our values

Force For Good

Our central place in the Thoroughbred industry—through our leadership in racing and sales, and our location in the heart of horse country—allows us to be a connector, a changemaker, and a force for good. We hold ourselves and our industry to the highest standards. We invest and reinvest in our sport. And we champion the very best of racing for all those who dedicate their lives to the horse.

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World Class

Keeneland is committed to creating a world-class experience for every horseman, visitor, fan, and horse. We strive to raise the bar in every endeavor, year after year. We approach this commitment with unwavering determination, welcoming all who interact with Keeneland.

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By Horsemen, For Horsemen

In 1936, Keeneland was founded by horsemen, for horsemen. That commitment to the devoted men and women of the Thoroughbred industry guides us to this day. Our business is built on genuine relationships, common ground, and a shared passion for the horse.