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The Keeneland Promise

The Keeneland Promise is a commitment to the principles of our organization, often referred to as "The Keeneland Way." A commitment to our founding, these words guide the actions of our employees and allow us to pass on our rich traditions to future generations. It's a promise to our founders, our industry, our local community and to each other. 




Let the pride you take in your work and your passion for Keeneland resonate in all you do.

"It is such an honor being a part of Keeneland. I feel a sense of pride each day as I enter our beautiful race course." - Keeneland Employee



Treat others with the utmost respect; admire your fellow co-workers, our guests and our grounds.

"Keeneland sets itself apart from other racetracks. Keeneland values aesthetics, traditions and stays true to its mission." - Keeneland Sponsor



Strive for excellence and seek ways to deliver world-class experiences and lasting memories for our guests.

"You are as close to heaven as you can get. Keeneland is the epitome of Southern grace and charm. Every one of the employees is outstanding. There is nothing like it anywhere." - Keeneland Patron



Uphold the vision of our founders and live with a commitment to our industry and our community.

"To come to work each day and have the opportunity to carry on the mission of the founding fathers is both a humbling reminder of what I get to be a part of and an abundant responsibility to uphold what so many have worked so hard for." - Keeneland Employee



Act with integrity and honesty; always do what is right.

"I am proud of the way Keeneland supports the community. I am also proud of the way we are able to come together when it matters most." - Keeneland Employee



Go above and beyond what is expected and pay attention to even the smallest detail to fulfill the unanticipated needs of our guests.

"The employees at Keeneland are some of the most driven, hard-working, committed and energetic people I have ever met. To be surrounded by team members who strive for excellence is a motivation that helps each of us better serve our customers, guests and fans." - Keeneland Employee



Celebrate success and have fun! Show enthusiasm in everything you do.

"Strong traditions and a first-class sporting venue. From the views people, and of course, the horses, racing has never been more exciting to experience. I love it all!" - Keeneland Patron