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Why Keeneland Select?

With valuable tools for horseplayers and one of the best rewards programs in racing, you can confidently choose Keeneland Select as your mobile wagering platform.


Keeneland Select App
Benefits of Joining

Keeneland Select delivers tools, resources and information to the tips of your fingers, including:

  • FREE online wagering services – no subscription fees
  • FREE Brisnet Past Performances* & real-time horse racing information including, odds, will-pays, program changes, and track conditions
  • Top-quality live streaming video and race replays
  • One of the best player rewards programs in horse racing is Select Rewards.
  • EZmoney online deposit and withdrawal service.
  • The best tracks and racing to wager on.
Live Video

Keeneland Select allows you to experience live racing from around the world, browse race replay archives with great search features and enjoy original content. No matter if it's live racing, handicapping tips or news directly from Keeneland, it's all yours!

  • High-quality video streaming of international racing
  • Quick-bet wager pad
  • Expansive race replay library
  • Up-to-the-minute current live odds
  • Brisnet profit line odds
  • Real-time racing and program information including exotics, pools, will pays, etc.

Earning Rewards Points

  • Earn $50 for every $5,000 wagered, 5x faster than other wagering services.*

    Calculations are based on $25,000 wagered at the base level of each service with no points multipliers.
  • Players receive 1 point for every dollar wagered online, on-track at Keeneland, and simulcasting at Red Mile.
  • For every 5,000 pts, $50 is deposited into your account, and 5,000 pts will be deducted from your account.*
  • Your Keeneland Select points will accumulate each day and do not expire.
  • Redeem points at anytime for wagering credit on the Rewards Balance page.

*Players can redeem points themselves by request on the Rewards Balance page at any time once 2,500 points are reached. If points are not redeemed, they will be redeemed the 1st of every month automatically if the points balance is 5,000 or greater.

Two Examples:

Month Beginning Balance Points Earned Ending Balance Points Redeemed Dollars Deposited Ending Balance
August 3,850 650 4,500 0 0 4,500
September 4,500 650 5,150 5,000 $50 150
October 150 650 800 0 0 800

  Beginning Balance Points Earned Ending Balance Points Redeemed Dollars Deposited Ending Balance
August 3,500 14,000 17,500 15,000 $150 2,500
September 2,500 10,500 13,000 10,000 $100 3,000
October 3,000 16,500 19,500 15,000 $150 4,500

Plus, Keeneland Select customers will receive opportunities for exclusive access to dining and seating for Keeneland’s live meetings, generous discounts at Keeneland’s online gift store, first chance to participate in special contests & promotions, and much more.

Keeneland Select VIP Program

Select VIP Program Chart

To read the complete rules on the Select Rewards Program, click here.