A Commitment to Safety and Integrity

At Keeneland, the safety and welfare of horse and rider is priority number one. Keeneland continues to support and invest in programs that protect our equine and human athletes. We have strong safety protocols in place, and we continue to enhance these measures through ongoing daily dialogue with our Keeneland team, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and its racing officials, owners, trainers, jockeys, other race tracks and horse industry partners.

Major US Racing Organizations Announce Plans To Implement Prohibition Of Race-Day Medication

Two-year-old Lasix ban to start in 2020; stakes races Lasix ban in 2021.

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NTRA Safety & Integrity Alliance Accreditation

Keeneland was among the first race tracks in North America to earn accreditation by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s Safety & Integrity Alliance in 2009. Since then, Keeneland has been fully re-accredited every two years, most recently in the fall of 2017.

Alliance certification standards address an extensive list of safety and integrity concerns within six broad areas: injury reporting and prevention; creating a safer racing environment; aftercare and transition of retired racehorses; uniform medication, testing and penalties; safety research; and wagering security.

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Keeneland Race Track Maintenance Merges Art and Science

Keeneland is committed to advancing knowledge and providing the most consistent dirt and turf racing surfaces in the industry. This commitment is reflected in the significant investment made in the unique design and ongoing maintenance of our dirt track, turf course and training track, and the year-round best practices employed by our track maintenance team.

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Mawsafe Turf Rail

Keeneland replaced its inside turf rail with a Mawsafe safety rail in 2016. The unique flexibility of the Mawsafe rail makes it safer than existing solid pipe construction for horse and rider. The major safety feature is the horizontal PVC rail will absorb the impact of a horse and rider. The rail is designed to spring and bend as the ropes around a boxing ring, flexing under the weight of the horse to allow the rider to guide his mount back onto the turf course.

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Racing Equipment Promotes Safety and Welfare

Keeneland implements a numbers of policies regarding racing equipment for both horse and rider.


Veterinary Oversight

Keeneland coordinates with the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) Medical Director to ensure ample practicing veterinarians are on track during racing and training. The KHRC provides an official veterinarian who manages the KHRC veterinary staff, maintains the practices and procedures and ensures compliance with those practices and procedures.

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Thoroughbred Aftercare and Welfare

The aftercare of Thoroughbreds is of the utmost importance to Keeneland, and Keeneland champions these initiatives for the betterment of the sport.

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